About Pearlgazing

Pick an Oyster see us open it live and see what Beautiful pearl is waiting inside for you. Guaranteed a pearl everytime. 1 opening $17 2 for $30 tray $70


Stub Inc., cages / Pendants, Jewelry, Live online parties


Pick Your own Oyster see us open it for you without leaving your house or place of work wherever you are you get to enjoy and watch us through live streaming doing the dirty work and dig your beautiful pearl out. It is a lot of fun and you get a one of a kind Akoya pearl.

We have many Different Cages/ Pendants that you can put your beautiful pearl in as well and wear around a beautiful Necklace that we sale you can view them under our photo albums we have Sterling -Plated for $17 and Sterling Silver for $25-$40

If you would like an opening please send us a message. You will find our party dates listed on our wall. Thank You and we look forward to having you join us for this amazing experience.